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At five, Pat Péronne (Patrick's name for his Improvised Classical, Contemporary and Jazz Styles) started the piano. At twelve he played improvised pieces, wrote his first compositions and at seventeen he gave his first concerts. He has composed and arranged over 200 pieces for piano, singers, bands, films…

Personnal style: compostions with improvised way ranging from classical to contemporary and jazz music. His improvisations avoid any structural planning, he examines a sense in which they employ certain stylistic models, or simply styles. This is not to suggest that there is anything pre-planned in these performances, but may come to function in asimilar way to compositional organisation.

These architectures consist not only of a number of different styles, but also a large scale progression through a sequence of particular styles, a device that also has important expressive implications.

In terms of his artistic aesthetics, Pat's solo concerts were intimately linked to many contemporary avant-garde performance ideals. Pat is a musician who speaks in different musical dialects. Pat’s improvisations appear to inhabit a musical world which can be mapped out in terms of specific stylistic reference points.

In improvisation you have three personalities: the improviser, the composer and the pianist. Each time at the beginning of a solo concert Pat does not know what he will play.

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